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Hi Burns Brothers!
I saw a link to your website & was so surprised at the great things a few young men are doing for our military. My husband has been serving for 21 years in the Army. We recently linked up with the organization out of Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA called All American Dogs. They are new non-profit organization just getting off the ground. We have one of their dogs named Banyan who is being trained as my son's Medic Alert dog. They help any Service member or their families who need a Service Dog. We would love to be on your website. Thanks for doing something great!

Hi, I am Michael Gaither and I have a medical service dog. I have PTSD and multiple sclerosis. I am in a wheelchair. My dog name is Honey. She is a full mobility dog. She wakes me at night from flash backs and makes it possible for me to go out into public. She will pick up items that I drop. If I need help and my wife is out side she will open the door and go get her and bring her in the house to me. I stayed in my house for about 4 years. I did not go any where or did I want any one to come visit me. I would not talk on the phone. I keep myself isolated from everyone. But now that I have Honey that  all has changed. I can now go places and do things that I could not do  before.Medical  Service  dogs are the last hope for veterans with PTSD to be able  to live a even half way normal life again. My Medical Service Dog earned the title of Honey the Wonder Dog when she won second place from the AKC last year in the service dog competition.
My Medical Service Dog was bred and trained at Guardian Angles Medical Service Dogs in Williston, Florida.
I have attached a picture of myself and Honey the Wonder Dog.
Michael Gaither and Honey the Wonder Dog

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